Hello, I am Ana Maria ... and also Ysaabih - Magic Name given by the Universe. Since I was a child I have spoken with Beings of Light.


I do many things but the main one is Being a Healing Channel ... for whatever you need.


I consider myself a Spiritual Witch. A Magician, since Magic exists and is within us.


I am always evolving. I am a Channel for Angelic Messages, of Our Mother Earth, of the Universe, of every Being of Light.


I do physical, spiritual, and emotional healings at a distance. You feel a difference once I start to heal you.


I do personalized Channelling and Angelic Readings, Readings from Other Realms to help you.


I give courses on Angels, Abundance and others (Online soon).

I love Our Mother Earth and I am always in contact with Her. Without Her we would not exist.


I am a Traveler by nature both Physically and Spiritually.


I love Adventures.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Minor in Psychology with a Specialization in Human Resources, a Teaching Credential and a Master's Degree in Education (All from United States Universities).


Along with my gifts of Healing, Clairaudience, Claircognitive, being an Empath, being a Medium, I am guided by Angels / Archangels /

Ascended Masters / Beings of Light to help people HEAL on their Magical Path of Spiritual Life. I am a Help Channel ...

I have the following certifications for my work with the Angelic Kingdom / Lightworker: Advanced Course in Angelic Therapy Charles Virtue and Peroshini Naidoo; Angelic Mediumship, Certification in Ascension of the Soul Charles Virtue and Peroshini Naidoo;


Reiki-Ho (Arcane Method, Based on Usui Reiki Gakkai, International Association for Healing with REIKIDO, Usui-Japanese System of the “Spanish Reiki Alliance); Reiki with Crystals / Quartz;

IMG_1136 copy.jpg

Holistic and Angelic Therapies Dra. Martha Martínez (Dr. Martínez is a Surgeon, graduated from the UNAM, Master in Traditional Reiki, Master in Neurolinguistic Programming; She has developed several projects such as Holistic Angelic Therapies / Astral Surgery / Flower of Life. Astral Surgery and Flower of Life Certification Dra. Martha Martínez;

IMG_20181111_150644527 (1).jpg

Abundance Certification (The Power to Activate It) Dra. Martha Martínez; Avalon (Glastonbury, England - Activation of the Feminine and Priestess Energy as well as Initiated in the Order of Saint Michael the Archangel) by the renowned Nina Linares, Pujas and Buddha of Medicine Sangye Menla at the Loseling Center with Geshe Sherab Choephel, various courses on different spiritual tools, Self-taught.

I have traveled to continue my Spiritual growth to Greece, Turkey, Russia, China, India, Tibet, Nepal, Le Mont Michel in France, Egypt, Lourdes, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Bhutan, Avalon and others.


I organize Spiritual  Trips to Avalon, The Holy Island (Glastonbury, England).  


I have created Colognes for your well-being, I make quartz bracelets made to order (I adore quartz) as well as 45-bead Rosaries. I also personalize candles. You can see some in Store .

I energize Spiritual Tools such as quartz / crystals, bracelets, candles, etc. to help you Spiritually in whatever you need. I energize them with Divine Light.


I can help you!

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